How Do We Touch Lives?   
   Coaching, Gift Development, Mentoring Ministry with           Local & Overseas Mission Projects

    Our Local & Overseas Missions:
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   Local Outreaches:  NBM supports  Local Missions in Gwinnett     
    ministering to single moms, elderly, sick, poor & or jobless providing           local networking and resource workers for struggling women or                     families in multiple types of services for Gwinnett area.

    Overseas Outreaches:  Since 1 991, NBM conducts short term overseas            trips for mobile medical/dental clinics, church leadership training,                orphanages,  slum outreaches, evangelistic, construction and other              types of mission works to the  poor or struggling in rural or slum                    areas in other countries.   Central America,  South America or Africa              and India have all been engaged.   Meetings are conducted to prepare          you for over seas travel and ministry.

     Your  human gifts are always needed. Mission support people can help      us collect needed items & fundraise for these projects.  If you desire to        pay for a doctor, dentist or meds to be at a clinic please send $25 per          day to help us staff or supply some meds.  See our missions pages  for        upcoming trips.   Volunteers &  Interns are welcome to work/learn with        us and support these works to help other cultures.   For our trips, 
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