Special Widow Fund for her and her 2 daughters. :
Listed below is a special Offering for a pastor's widow and her 2 daughters who both are having extreme health issues
and one has been told she cannot live because of having 15% kidney function.  They are trying now to do diaylsis but  
the doctors are hesitating and have waited to get it starting.  She seems to be a low priority level with them.  They are
suppose to put in a port..  She has been hanging on with prayer.  Pray for the right doctors, support system and people
to help.    We are having a Special Fund to help supply both medications, OTC meds and help pay for the bills.  Even
though they are on some form of disability it does not pay for doctor visits or cover all her medicine.  They have to pay
so much for both daughters that little is left.  This is a pastor's legacy and should have people rally to assist her as a
widow. Call 770-402-3669 for more info.
Just $10 will staff a Medical Doctor, Nurse, Dentist or Optometrist for one day in one of our Medical/Dental
Clinics in Africa. We usually see around 350-400 people a day. So just $10 will play a big role in so many people's lives
and will also save lives as well that would have not made it without you. We take the medical clinics into rural or mountain
areas where there are no hospitals and we also set up clinics in the areas that have the poorest of the poor who could
not afford to see a doctor.   :Please show that you care by helping those who never get quality care overseas in slums.
SPECIAL MISSION To Widow Family in Need
All donations are tax deductible by IRS standards. We are apart of Group Exemption #1620 with The
Fellowship (a Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries nationwide).  To verify this information
you can call 214-492-1254.   Our donations are considered legally deductible and a receipt will be sent
to you about your donation.  Should you desire proof of this information it can be sent to you.  
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