Our Experience Level:
Marcia and Wayne have a heart for the training of young ministers and counselors worldwide and the development and growth of people. They have  
pastored for 12 years (Ministry Staff positions for over 25 yrs), with over 23 years in overseas missions and worked in bible colleges for 10 years as
Academic Dean and Campus Deans.  Marcia has counseled professionally for 30 years now and is Director and supervisor of counselors of a
group counseling practice for over 15 years.
The Ministry Focus:
The ministry of New Beginnings has a threefold focus: Counseling, Mentoring and local and overseas Missions. A major focus is to bring the power and
wisdom of God’s Word into the personal counseling arena, providing healing, restoration, growth and equipping. New Beginnings Counseling Center is
operated to provide compassion and Biblical revelation to hurting people who desire it. The,second focus is to restore, train and equip the saints for
ministry by identifying and developing their gifts. This is accomplished not only by mentoring, retreats, and seminars, but also by providing hands on
experience with local ministries and short-term mission trips. Third, but equally important is that of overseas missions by bringing in U.S. teams to impact
and renew mission works overseas. These teams establish medical/dental clinics, give eyeglasses, provide feeding programs for the needy, support
orphanages, and  church growth, evangelism, and establish Bible schools for ministry training.  We send aid in the form of medicines, medical and dental
equipment when donated, eyeglasses, clothing, food,  Bibles, tracts, and help build churches and schools. The world is dying without a Savior and we
want to make a  difference: A New Beginning!  In summary, we want to heal you, train you, set you on fire and then send you forth into the Lord’s harvest.
Personal Testimonies:
They believe in the miraculous power of God to transform lives, having experienced it first hand. At the age of five, Marcia was stricken with a rare
incurable blood disease (similar to the boy in the plastic bubble) which kept her homebound and often bedridden. At the age of ten, the doctors had
predicted her death before 12 years old,  but her mother took her to a tent meeting in Marietta, Ga where she was prayed for and miraculously healed.
beginning a pathway to a worldwide vision & ministry. God also provided a miracle of healing to their son at the age of four raising him from a death bed of
spinal meningitis and kidney failure and restoring his life.  Through the power of prayer, Marcia’s mother was healed of kidney stones, which had existed
for six years. Another son was totally healed and restored after a bad wreck had left him in a wheelchair in 2001. While they have personally  witnessed
God’s healing power, they have also learned how to remain victorious and compassionate in the face of tragedy and loss as they ministered to other family
members with cancer and heart conditions who died.  Wayne had cancer in 2008 and again in 2012 but is considered cancer free now.  They are learning
how to rule over life rather than it rule over you!
Founders: Rev. Wayne & Marcia McWhorter    

The McWhorter's were called into ministry in 1978 from their careers in       
computers and nursing. After finishing Bible School, they returned home to
the Atlanta area and reside in Lawrenceville, Ga.  Wayne and Marcia have
been married for 47 years and have insights for families as well as

They have 3 sons and 2 daughters in law living in this same local area.  
Marcia & Wayne have been ordained ministers for 40 years,  Their youngest
son, Jonathan was called into ministry in 2010 and has been a youth pastor
and now Missions Director for New Beginnings.  Jon and Brittany have been
working in ministry with their parents in pastoral care, praise & worship,
outreaches, missions, counseling and mentoring others picking up the legacy
to continue it
New Beginnings Ministries 623 Mill Run Place Lawrenceville, GA 30046 Info@newbeginningsministries.com